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Supercharged IPOs Draw Attention

In an initial public offering (IPO), a private company issues shares to public investors in exchange for cash.  Companies benefit through IPOs because the infusion of cash from investors allows them to expand operations, pay off expensive debt, or make […]

CEOs Try to Escape Higher Taxes Going into Effect in 2013

Many business executives- including some at companies such as Cablevision and Google- took action in late 2012 as the expiration of the Bush tax cuts loomed.  By selling stock at the end of 2012, these executives saved a considerable amount […]

Health Insurance Companies Prepare for 2014

Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) go into effect on January 1, 2014.  Insurers will be required to cover anyone who wishes to purchase health insurance, they will be limited in what they can charge patients based on […]

Hollywood Faces Problems in the Chinese Market

Hollywood faces two problems when it comes to tapping the Chinese market.  First, it faces increasing homegrown competition.  China has begun to produce its own blockbusters, such as Lost in Thailand and Painted Skin: the Resurrection, which to date have […]

The New Health Care Law’s Impact on Small Businesses

The way a business is structured in 2013 could determine its status under the Affordable Care Act (sometimes called “Obamacare” or the ACA) in 2014.  Starting in 2014, a company with 50 or more full-time employees is required to provide […]

Addressing the Environmental Effects of Shale Gas Development

The American energy industry is leading a revolution in the development of shale gas.  Developing shale formations such as the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania and the Barnett Shale in Texas through techniques like hydraulic fracturing (sometimes called “fracking”) has led […]

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