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America’s Political Dysfunction

Three key problems are at the heart of the long-term budget crisis the United States faces. First,   government spending on entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security is unsustainable, even if tax revenue increases.  Aside from the fiscal problems […]

Ted Cruz Quickly Makes a Name for himself in Washington, D.C.

Chuck Hagel was confirmed as United States Secretary of Defense on February 26, 2013.  Republican senators strongly criticized Hegel and even filibustered him at one point.  Among Hagel’s fiercest critics was Ted Cruz, who was elected to the Senate last […]

Frustrated Fliers Have Feds to Thank

If the “sequester” budget cuts are not cancelled in the near future by the Congress and the President, there will be many unhappy travelers at the airport.  The across-the-board budget cuts, totaling $85 billion, will cut funding to various federal […]

Problems with the President’s Budget Plan

President Obama has urged Congress to work with his administration to solve the United States’ long-term budget problems.  In its last five fiscal years, the United States has run four $1 trillion-plus annual deficits, and is on pace for approximately […]

Obama Says More Tax Revenue Is Necessary

During the fiscal cliff debate, President Obama was straightforward in discussing his solution on how to further reduce the budget deficit: more taxes are needed.  He criticized the idea that “deficit reduction is only a matter of cutting programs.”  But […]

CEOs Try to Escape Higher Taxes Going into Effect in 2013

Many business executives- including some at companies such as Cablevision and Google- took action in late 2012 as the expiration of the Bush tax cuts loomed.  By selling stock at the end of 2012, these executives saved a considerable amount […]

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