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Separate Your Business and Personal Finances to Avoid Tax Trouble

Business owners often end up intertwining their business and personal finances. It may seem that you are your business but interweaving both of these two aspects will create a mess at tax time. Even if your company is a start-up […]

How 2013 Threw Off This Year’s Tax Season

It looks like many of 2013’s headline events will be affecting tax filing season in 2014. The government shutdown and sequestration will have an impact on when and how taxes will be filed in the coming year. Here’s what you […]

Tax Debt Relief

3 Common Debt Relief Options to Protect You from Tax Stress

Guest post by: Trenton Fortes Considering the economic struggle that most people are currently experiencing, one of the most common statements that you may get to hear from most of the people is that “I owe the IRS back taxes.” […]