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Attorney Joe Garza Decries Tax System: U.S. Corporations Hiding $1.4 Trillion Overseas

Charity organization Oxfam recently released a study in which it claims that U.S. Corporations are hiding $1.4 trillion in overseas tax havens, and Attorney Joe Garza would like to draw attention to the broken U.S. tax system before corporations are unduly vilified. […]

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How to Find a Reputable Financial Company

Giving out paycheck after paycheck every month? Worried about debt collectors? Unable to develop a workable budget? Don’t have many plans to help you out after retirement? If this sounds familiar then you might be in need of a reputed […]

Eric Brauss Joins the Ranks of Great US Fraudsters

Eric Brauss was a reminder of the glory days of Dallas when big money was king and the streets seemed paved with gold. Born in Germany, Brauss immigrated to Canada and began to invest in real estate. Before age 40, […]

What is Forex Scalping?

Scalping is a trading strategy whereby a trader tries to profit on small price changes. The main goal of scalping is to buy or sell a number of shares at the bid or ask price and then quickly sell them […]

Bitcoin China

Bitcoin Gets Real World Treatment from Norway and China

Colleen Ahern The digital currency, Bitcoin has enjoyed an essentially regulation-free existence since it’s inception in 2008. But that’s starting to change. For one thing, Norway has now declared that Bitcoins don’t count as real money. Director of general taxation […]

Halliburton Oil Services Company

Oil Titan Halliburton Implores Supreme Court to Overturn Securities Legislation

The Oil company Halliburton Co has asked the US Supreme Court to review an important case, Erica P. John Fund v. Halliburton – To clarify, Erica P. John Fund is among the oil titan’s shareholders. The EPJ years-old litigation with […]

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