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Unpaid Taxes for a Road That was Never Built

To be up front: Archie Fleming owes some $130,000 in back taxes on Cadillac Heights, land that he says is “worthless.”   But he shouldn’t owe any more.   The Dallas Morning News found a Dallas Central Appraisal District map […]

Can we still expect middle class tax cuts in 2017?

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said Sunday the Trump administration still aims to pass tax reform legislation this year and its focus is on cutting taxes for middle-class Americans and businesses rather than the wealthy. “We’re absolutely committed to getting tax […]

President Donald Trump’s push for corporate tax reform helps ESOPs

President Donald Trump’s push for corporate tax reform will assist the US’s groups to compete and win. But, even as commercial enterprise leaders are championing reform, their employees might also understand it as a boon to massive organizations, making passage […]

Attorney Joe Garza Decries Tax System: U.S. Corporations Hiding $1.4 Trillion Overseas

Charity organization Oxfam recently released a study in which it claims that U.S. Corporations are hiding $1.4 trillion in overseas tax havens, and Attorney Joe Garza would like to draw attention to the broken U.S. tax system before corporations are unduly vilified. […]

Bernie Sanders Plans to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy to 90%

Bernie Sanders Plans to Raise Taxes on the Wealthy to 90%

Yes, you read that correctly. In an interview with CNBC, Bernie Sanders went on the record as supporting this radical notion. While dining – in what seems to be a very elegant restaurant – he dogmatically turns against the high […]

Here's How Caterpillar is Able to Pay Tax Rates in the Low Single Digits

Here’s How Caterpillar Is Able to Pay Ultra Low Tax Rates {Slideshow}

Caterpillar is valued at almost $50 billion. So how does the company pay taxes in the low single digits? Check out the presentation below to find out how Caterpillar has structured itself to achieve an astonishingly low corporate tax liability. […]

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