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Here's How Caterpillar is Able to Pay Tax Rates in the Low Single Digits

Here’s How Caterpillar Is Able to Pay Ultra Low Tax Rates {Slideshow}

Caterpillar is valued at almost $50 billion. So how does the company pay taxes in the low single digits? Check out the presentation below to find out how Caterpillar has structured itself to achieve an astonishingly low corporate tax liability. […]

6 Best Mix Solutions for Conducting Intensive Market Research

6 Best Mix Solutions for Conducting Intensive Market Research

Be it from word of mouth or business basics, it is a renowned fact that market research is essential for small scaled firms, large scale organization and startups. But how do you go about it? What will give you a […]

Bermuda Takeovers Halt After Tax Scrutiny

Bermuda Takeovers Halt After Tax Scrutiny

The IRS discourages bidders from partaking in offshore takeovers to receive inappropriate tax breaks. This scrutiny has caused potential suitors looking to acquire foreign reinsurers to back out from merger deals. Bermuda-based reinsurer, Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd., has admitted that […]

Mobile Apps for Businesses

5 Mobile Apps Every Business Owner Should Use

Business is on the move. Whether you’re composing invoices on an iPad or negotiating a contract on an Android phone, mobile devices are the key to 21st Century success. This is a list of 5 mobile apps for business owners […]


Separate Your Business and Personal Finances to Avoid Tax Trouble

Business owners often end up intertwining their business and personal finances. It may seem that you are your business but interweaving both of these two aspects will create a mess at tax time. Even if your company is a start-up […]

business loans for young entrepreneurs

Business Loans for Young Entrepreneurs

Young people nowadays are becoming more and more concerned for their future. At the early age, they aim for success. In Singapore, the government is encouraging young people to be entrepreneurs and found their own businesses. With enough time and […]

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