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business loans for young entrepreneurs

Business Loans for Young Entrepreneurs

Young people nowadays are becoming more and more concerned for their future. At the early age, they aim for success. In Singapore, the government is encouraging young people to be entrepreneurs and found their own businesses. With enough time and […]

Google Pays Israel $373 Million in Taxes

Google’s acquisition of Waze, an Israeli based app that crowd-sources traffic information, will cost the company $373 million in taxes, according to Haaretz. Google acquired Waze in June, following rumors that Apple and Facebook were both bidding for the company. […]

Healing the Economy: FTT to Phase in at Wall Street

Guest post by: Trenton Fortes The country is wounded. Large financial institutions as well as the Wall Street honchos are raiding the ailing economy repeatedly, leaving behind millions to suffer the aftermath. Medical care has gone beyond the affordability of […]

Joe Garza and Gray Frederickson

Dallas Tax Attorney Joe Garza Hosts Production Legend Gray Frederickson

On July 25, 2013, Dallas tax attorney Joe Garza hosted the Cinema Management Group (CMG) for one of its most prestigous speaking events. The film organization acquired legendary film producer Gray Frederickson to recount his experiences working with some of […]

Are Spinoffs Being Used to Eliminate Corporate Liabilities?

Time Warner has recently made news for planning the spinoff of its struggling Time magazine division.  A spinoff is a transaction in which a parent corporation distributes the stock of its subsidiary to the parent’s shareholders.  In accordance with Internal […]

Is That Really the Seafood You Ordered?

Oceana, a nonprofit group focused on preservation of the oceans’ ecosystem, recently published a two-year study in which it collected seafood samples from over 600 supermarkets and restaurants in 21 states.  The Oceana researchers were looking for inconsistencies in the […]

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