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Bitcoin Gets Real World Treatment from Norway and China

Colleen Ahern The digital currency, Bitcoin has enjoyed an essentially regulation-free existence since it’s inception in 2008. But that’s starting to change. For one thing, Norway has now declared that Bitcoins don’t count as real money. Director of general taxation […]

Berlusconi’s Tax Fraud Conviction Upheld by Italian Courts

Silvio Berlusconi may not be going anywhere anytime soon. In recent news, the highest courts in Italy upheld the tax fraud conviction for the former Prime Minister. The decision has dealt what many believe to be the final blow to […]

Swiss Banks to U.S. Tax Evaders: Your Money & Secrets Are No Longer Safe with Us

The oldest bank in Switzerland, Wegelin & Co, has remained steadfast throughout history. First surviving Napoleon’s invasion followed by World War I and II. Seemingly, this ancient banking system has withstood the test of time and might and muster of […]

IRS Investigates Offshore Accounts

The U.S. tax code generally requires U.S. citizens to declare their worldwide income on their tax returns.  In an attempt to evade taxes, some wealthy Americans have set up secret accounts with foreign banks and failed to report income relating […]

Bloomberg Makes London a Second Home

Michael Bloomberg, business tycoon and mayor of New York City, is well-known in the United States for his aggressive attacks on smoking, trans fats, and soda.  But he also has a reputation as an Anglophile– a lover of English culture.  […]

Chinese Cyber-Attacks a Growing Concern

A recent report by an internet security firm, Mandiant, raises the alarm about the growing threat of cyber-warfare from China.  The concerns raised by China’s activities are both military and economic.  In a military conflict with China, flaws in the […]

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