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Is Affirmative Action About to Die?

Race based affirmative action programs for admission to public universities may be at an end.  One of the last remaining Supreme Court decisions yet to be decided from last term is Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action and the […]

Congress Divided Over Union Election Rule

Business groups and Congressional Republicans are set to fight proposed union election rule changes that they believe are unlawful and transform the government into a union surrogate as opposed to a referee.  Pro-union groups and some Congressional Democrats see the […]

Eric Brauss Joins the Ranks of Great US Fraudsters

Eric Brauss was a reminder of the glory days of Dallas when big money was king and the streets seemed paved with gold. Born in Germany, Brauss immigrated to Canada and began to invest in real estate. Before age 40, […]

4 Reasons the IRS Hasn’t Made a Decision about Bitcoin

Colleen Ahern Governments all over the world are struggling to determine how to treat Bitcoin in their tax systems. Norway and Germany have chosen not to treat Bitcoin as a currency, but instead to regard it as an asset upon […]

Beanie Baby Tycoon Fined Millions for Tax Evasion

Ty Warner was given two years of probation and 500 hours of community service for hiding his assets in a Swiss bank account. The creator of Beanie Babies toys, Warner avoided paying an estimated $5.6 million in taxes over the […]

Halliburton Oil Services Company

Oil Titan Halliburton Implores Supreme Court to Overturn Securities Legislation

The Oil company Halliburton Co has asked the US Supreme Court to review an important case, Erica P. John Fund v. Halliburton – To clarify, Erica P. John Fund is among the oil titan’s shareholders. The EPJ years-old litigation with […]

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