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Tax Filing Trauma: Roundup of Rants, Insights and Critiques

So, anyone else still feeling exhausted, stressed and/or traumatized from tax filing last month? For those of you still reeling and wanting to vent about the American tax code, here are some of our favorite tax rants, critiques, and insights […]

Polls Show Majority of Americans Oppose Death Tax

Polls Show Majority of Americans Oppose Death Tax

This April, the House voted to repeal the current federal death tax. This vote was met with the President’s threat to veto the repeal. The repeal had widespread support, with several Democrats even voting in its favor. However, it is […]


Separate Your Business and Personal Finances to Avoid Tax Trouble

Business owners often end up intertwining their business and personal finances. It may seem that you are your business but interweaving both of these two aspects will create a mess at tax time. Even if your company is a start-up […]

Top Tax Issues in 2015

Top tax issues in 2015 It’s never a great indicator when the IRS commissioner is publicly concerned about an upcoming tax-filing period. Recent years have actually started with tax obligation uncertainty, which has actually resulted in postponed return processing as […]


Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs Has Created “HMRC Most Wanted” Flickr

Tax evasion cost the United States more than USD $3.09 trillion in the last decade. Across the Atlantic UK government officials have become quite creative to prevent such loses. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is responsible for collecting taxes […]

Joe Garza: Double Irish Elimination, Easier Said than Done

Last month, the Irish Finance Minister announced that the Double Irish, a well-known tax inversion tactic, would likely be eliminated starting in 2015. The changes could have major ramifications for several U.S. based tech companies. Much to our relief, this […]

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