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Private Equity’s Tax Breaks Under Attack

Faced with fiscal challenges to the United States in the last few years, lawmakers and policy experts have discussed eliminating the preferential tax treatment of private equity and hedge funds.  Private equity and hedge fund managers’ annual compensation is often […]

Wealthy Face Crushing Taxes in California

Residents of California face heavy income tax burdens.  The federal tax rate on income over $400,000 ($450,000 for joint filers) rose from 35 percent to 39.6 percent for the 2013 tax year and beyond.  The Affordable Care Act imposes a […]

Some on the Left Acknowledge Rich’s Tax Burden

High-income taxpayers face the steepest effective tax rates they have in decades, according to the Congressional Budget Office.  The left-leaning Tax Policy Center estimates that families in the top 20 percent of income-earners will pay more than 27 percent of […]

New Basis-Reporting Laws Make Life Easier for the IRS

When people sell shares of a stock, they must figure out their cost basis in the shares they sell so that they can calculate the gain or loss on the sale.  Determining the basis of the shares sold can be […]

Estate Planning Must Account for Family Dynamics

An often-overlooked aspect of estate planning is how family relationships and goals affect a family business and related succession planning.  The owners of a family business may reach the point at which they consider retirement or a reduced role in […]

Texas Tax Incentives: Conflicts of Interest?

Texas has no state income tax and as a result relies heavily on revenue from sales and property taxes.  Despite this reliance on sales and property taxes, Texas offers many property and sales tax breaks for companies that develop their […]

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