Republicans Must Re-Connect with Voters after Losing in 2012

Since President Obama’s re-election in November 2012, Republicans have questioned why they were unable to defeat an incumbent who presided over grim economic news during his first term.  The depressing economic news includes:

  • net loss in jobs
  • chronically elevated unemployment rate
  • decrease in the median household income
  • anemic GDP growth
  • increase of almost 50 percent in the national debt
  • a record number of Americans on disability and food stamps

Some commentators have pointed to the inability of Mitt Romney to “connect” with people and instill the sense that he cares about average Americans.  Republicans such as Karl Rove and Marco Rubio have emphasized the importance of making a human connection with voters.  Specifically, Republicans believe that they must do a better job of showing Americans how a free market and a growing economy benefit everyone, not just the highest earners.

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