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Texas wants local online sales to be taxed

Cities across Texas can lobby the legislative assembly next session to authorize native sales taxes on net purchases, a modification that ought to provide the state’s troubled municipalities a minimum of $1 billion a year. Now, municipalities do not collect […]

Bermuda Takeovers Halt After Tax Scrutiny

Bermuda Takeovers Halt After Tax Scrutiny

The IRS discourages bidders from partaking in offshore takeovers to receive inappropriate tax breaks. This scrutiny has caused potential suitors looking to acquire foreign reinsurers to back out from merger deals. Bermuda-based reinsurer, Montpelier Re Holdings Ltd., has admitted that […]


Tax Filing Trauma: Roundup of Rants, Insights and Critiques

So, anyone else still feeling exhausted, stressed and/or traumatized from tax filing last month? For those of you still reeling and wanting to vent about the American tax code, here are some of our favorite tax rants, critiques, and insights […]

Google Pays Israel $373 Million in Taxes

Google’s acquisition of Waze, an Israeli based app that crowd-sources traffic information, will cost the company $373 million in taxes, according to Haaretz. Google acquired Waze in June, following rumors that Apple and Facebook were both bidding for the company. […]

G20 Works to Eliminate Lucrative International Corporate Tax Loopholes

Offshore tax havens are about to become a thing of past. Now a popular scheme in corporate financial planning, often explicitly complex corporate financial structures are created that multifariously expand between numerous different countries, and that offer lucrative tax havens […]