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GOP Tax Bill Bad For Texas Homeowners

Weeks ago the Republican-led tax overhaul began. Based on the property tax deduction cap alone, the bill will have an outsized impact on Texas homeowners. Under the House bill, a Dallas area home worth just $435,000 would hit the $10,000 […]

Future of Endowment Tax?

No one is sure exactly how many colleges and universities will have to shell out under a new excise tax in the revamped tax code, as key definitions and details have yet to be decided. But the number seems likely […]

Dallas Curbing Local Taxing Power?

Dallas City Council members are currently thinking about a tiny rollback of the city’s tax rate. But it appears they are thinking as much about legislators in Austin as the 1.2 million residents in Dallas. The Legislature’s efforts to curb […]

Everyone wants Amazon

Mike Hoque, the restaurateur-turned-land designer who changed Main Street with joints like Dallas Chop House and Dallas Fish Market, has been gobbling up arrive around City Hall for a long time. On Wednesday, the day preceding Amazon’s HQ2 RFP was […]

7 Highlights of Marco Rubio's Tax Plan

7 Highlights From Marco Rubio’s Tax Plan

$2.1 trillion in corporate earnings remain overseas—that’s $2.1 trillion in untaxed revenue belonging to U.S. companies. With the corporate tax rate at 35%, should we expect U.S. corporations to “repatriate” that income? Certainly their shareholders would prefer that those earnings […]

Polls Show Majority of Americans Oppose Death Tax

Polls Show Majority of Americans Oppose Death Tax

This April, the House voted to repeal the current federal death tax. This vote was met with the President’s threat to veto the repeal. The repeal had widespread support, with several Democrats even voting in its favor. However, it is […]

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